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Sri Puthige Matha - Beyond Boundaries​

I’m Sindhu Chitanand, and I live in Dallas, Texas. We are incredibly blessed to live in a place where we can go to Sri Krishna Vrundavana to worship and seek the blessings of Guru Raghavendra Swamy, Mukhya Praana Hanuma and Lord Shri Krishna.

Here, the devotees excitedly look forward to participating in all of Matha’s events. The joy of celebrating all the festivals, Aaradhane’s, and important occasions on a large scale and with a large community is distinct. Everyone gets so involved and participates so enthusiastically, taking the responsibility of planning and executing which always results in a huge success. Being part of the activities, making our small contribution, and performing seva, we feel incredibly grateful and satisfied. It makes us feel at home and keeps us connected to our roots, culture, and beliefs. 

Being away from India, it is very essential for parents to pass on our traditions, values to our children. So, we all try to get our kids involved in all the temple activities and events and ensure that the next generation is exposed to and aware of our customs and ideals. All of these are possible because of Swamiji’s initiative in making Sri Krishna Vrundavana centers in so many different cities in the  USA and all over the world.

The centers are giving us opportunities to do Bhajans/Sangeetha Seve on a regular basis. They help us maintain our tradition and culture by promoting classical vocalists and Bharatanatyam dancers and giving them a chance to perform at events.

With the centers here and priests from Udupi, we are happy to perform Puja’s, Homa’s, House warmings, Aksharabhyasa, Upanayana, Weddings and many more ceremonies. We are also blessed to have priests who can also help in doing Shraddha’s and other yearly ceremonies when our loved ones depart. Again, we are so thankful to Swamiji without his initiative, leadership and constant support, we wouldn’t be able to perform the rituals and fulfill our wishes.

Each of us here anticipates Swamiji’s arrival. Everybody wants Swamiji to do Sri Krishna puje, Thottilu seve in their homes. When Swamiji performs devara puje at our home, we feel extremely blessed! I have to add that Swamiji’s memory is incredible! He remembers the names of practically everyone he meets. Every conversation we  have with him is very motivating. With every interaction, he inspires and leads us to improve ourselves and our lives. He gives us his time to communicate and be heard. We are grateful to be a part of the Koti Gita Lekhana Yagna because it has allowed us to begin reading and comprehending the verses of the Gita. I’m also pleased to report that I took part in a Gita chanting workshop led by the Gita team in New Jersey under the direction and guidance of Swamiji.

We are eager to participate in all of Swamiji’s endeavors and look forward to the fourth Paryaya.

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The main branch of this Matha is in the village by name Puthige. The idol of Vithal with Rukmini and Satyabhama gifted to the first pontiff Shri Upendra Tirtha by the Acharya Madhva is worshipped here. 

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