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Udupi Kshetravaasa​

As part of the 4th Paryaya of Parama Poojya Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji during 2024 and 2026, have taken up revamping Gita Mandira for more accommodation suites appealing to millennials and to keep up with the demand. This project is called “Kshetraa Vaasa” meaning to stay in a holy place like Udupi.

While lakhs of devotees of Lord Sri Krishna live elsewhere in the world, at least once in a year they might be willing to visit Udupi, offer their seva, service, to the Lord for a couple of days and plus. To facilitate such people, Sri Swamiji throws open an all new, well furnished, modern residency.

For donations please contact Ph: +91 99805 34422.

Geeta Mandir guest house (GMGH) & Indraprastha Guest House

If the credit for bringing lord Krishna in the form an idol made out of shaligram shila and consecrating in Udupi goes to Sri Madhwacharya, the credit for popularising lord Krishna’s teachings – Bhagavad Gita by establishing a Bhagavad Gita research center for conducting in depth studies of the same in Udupi, should go to Sri Sugunendra Theertha of Puthige Matha. They say leading life based on the Bhagavad Gita  teachings of lord Krishna is the highest level of devotion (bhakti) one can have on the lord. Swamiji established a Bhagavad Gita research center in Udupi to make it understandable to even common man, so that they can adapt the Bhagavad Gita lessons in their day-to-day lives.



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The Bhagavad Gita enthusiasts from all over the world visit Udupi for the purpose of getting in depth knowledge of the same. To make their stay in Udupi comfortable, Swamiji established GMGH & IGH with modern amenities. The guest house offers both AC and non-AC rooms with hygienic bathrooms having 24 hour clean water for bathing and for single/ double/ family occupations.

Being amidst world-famous temples and waking up to the sound of chimes originating from Sri Krishna Matha, the stay at GMGH will be special, as the ambiance has the potential to immerse in the ocean of divinity.

Other than that, the place being at the heart of the city, the bus stands (service and KSRTC) are just a stone throw distance away. To go to the railway station, auto rickshaw and taxi facilities are just a phone call away from GMGH.


The main branch of this Matha is in the village by name Puthige. The idol of Vithal with Rukmini and Satyabhama gifted to the first pontiff Shri Upendra Tirtha by the Acharya Madhva is worshipped here. 

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