|| श्रीवीरविठ्ठलो विजयतेतराम् ||

|| Sri veera Vithalo Vijayatetaram ||

Vishwa Gita Paryaya

Udupi Sri Puthige Paryayotsava 2024-26
Sri Puthige Paryaya Swagatha Samithi, SriPuthige Matha, Car Street, Udupi – 576 101
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Udupi abode of Sri Krishna

Udupi, a wondrous coastal city of Karnataka state, created by none other than Lord Parashurama himself, has gained a special prominence in the realm of heritages of India. May it be the domain of ancient pilgrim centres, or modernity, may it be in the field of education, hotels or business, culture or entrepreneurship, this beautiful holy place of Hindus has always beckoned saints of the yore into its divine folds. Perhaps, that is why, Udupi is to this day regarded as a unique place amongst all, across the three worlds, Aprathimam thrilokhyaam “अप्रतिमं त्रिलोक्याम्‌” .

Lord Hanuman of Treta yug, mighty Bhimasen of Dwapar yug, reincarnated himself as Jagadguru Sriman Madhwacharya in Kali yug almost eight centuries ago in a village called Pajaka near Udupi. He consecrated the Krishna idol at Udupi, which was originally worshipped by Rukmini Devi in Dwapar yug. Sri Madhwacharya rivetted eight mathas to perform Pooja rituals to Lord Krishna. Even today astha mathas perform the Sri Krishna pooja taking turn every 2 years. This system is called Paryaya.

It is a moment of grand Jubilation for Sri Puthige Math for its upcoming Paryaya. Sri Sri Sugunendra teertha Sripadaru is 31” pontiff in the lineage Sri Upendra Teertharu, ascending the “Sarvajna” Peetha for the 4™ time along with his disciple Sri Sri Sushreendrateertha Swamiji.

Grand Paryaya Celebrations

Paryaya programmes will commence from 8th January 2024 with the “Pura Pravesha” of his holiness Sri Sri Sugunendrateertha Swamiji, where citizens of Udupi welcomes the incumbent Paryaya Swamiji with devotion and great admiration.

“Hore Kanike” will commence from 09-01-2024 to 17-01-2024, where groceries, vegetables etc. will be offered, which is required to prepare Prasadam of lord Sri Krishna to incalculable numbers of devotees who arrives to Parayayotsavam.

On 18th january 2024, most revered His Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendrateertha Sripadaru, will ascend the “Sarvajna Peetha” of Sri Sri Madhwacharya for the fourth time, after taking Akshaya Pathre and will be followed by grand Paryaya Darbar with other pontiffs.

This magnanimous Paryaya Celebration will last for almost a fortnight includes musical programs, dance, and many cultural programs from renowned artists.

It is estimated that the cost of this grand Parayayotsava will be around Rs. 5 Crores. Generous contributions of the supporters and devotees of Sanatana Dharma is essential to make the Sri Puttige Paryaya a grand success. We request you to contribute wholeheartedly and attain infinite blessings from the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. We invite all the devotees to participate and make this Parayaya event a specialand memorable one.

Your contributions can be made by Cash / DD / Cheque/ NEFT/ IMPS /RTGS to the credit of following Bank accounts at Udupi in the name of Paryaya Swagatha Samithi.

Koti Gita Lekhana Yajna​

H. H. Sugunendrateertha Swamiji firmly believe that “Gita” is India’s greatest gift to the mankind , as anyone can achieve their own welfare in all aspects of life, having each individual benefitting from it, thereby the welfare of society, country and ultimately welfare of entire world can be achieved. Therefore H.H Sri Swamiji have resolved to make his historic Fourth Paryaya as “Vishwa Gita Paryaya”. in the noble view to ensure “Geeta in every home- Geeta in every heart”, and banking on the success of the previous mega mission “Laksha Geeta lekhana yajna”, Sri Sri Swmiji have already launched a global magnum opus project “ Koti geeta lekhana yajna”, where tens of millions of people will learn and “write” Srimad Bhagavad Gita and dedicate the written Gita books to lord Sri Krishna of Udupi through Sri Sri Swamiji. H.H. Swamiji have relentlessly traveled across the world propagating this project, creating a spiritual revolution. Sri Sri Swamiji have intended to hold extraordinary events like “Gita Maha Yaga”, continues Gita Parayana, a World Level Conference On Bhagavad Gita in his fourth Paryaya.

It will be our great fortune to have this great opportunity to get the grace of lord Krishna along with the grace of Guru. Your cooperation essential for the Paryaya of Sri Puthige Sri, who is ascending the Sarvajna Peetha for the fourth time. Come, take part in all these special projects and in magnificent celebrations of Paryaya Mahotsava of His Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendra teertha Swamiji, the one who have dedicated his entire life to protect and preserve Dharma and attain the most graceful blessing of Lord Sri Krishna.

The main branch of this Matha is in the village by name Puthige. The idol of Vithal with Rukmini and Satyabhama gifted to the first pontiff Shri Upendra Tirtha by the Acharya Madhva is worshipped here. 

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