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To increase awareness in public and inspire them for the positive happy life Parama Pooja Swamiji has published many books time to time. Here is a snapshot

Suguna Mala and Suguna Digest
Sugina Mala is Kannada monthly and Suguna Digest is English quarterly. In these periodicals, thought provoking articles on SrimannyAyasudha by Swamiji, are published every month. Along with these articles, this magazine is enriched with many educational articles by Great Scholars such as Sri Bannanje Govindacharya, Malagi JayathIrtha acharya, Sagri Raghavendra Upadhyaya , Shri Ramanathacharya and many more. People who want to subscribe to Suguna Mala can contact 9880835626

For buying any of these books, please drop us a note to kotiyajna@gmail.com.

The main branch of this Matha is in the village by name Puthige. The idol of Vithal with Rukmini and Satyabhama gifted to the first pontiff Shri Upendra Tirtha by the Acharya Madhva is worshipped here. 

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